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Build A Quality Custom Home: What You Need To Know by John Schwingle

Building A Quality Custom Home - What You need To Know


Insider Information of Custom Home Building Revealed

John Schwingle shares his 30+ years of experience in his first book, Building a Quality Custom Home - What You Need To Know. In this helpful and user-friendly book you will:

"I realized that writing this book could save people thousands of dollars" John says. "Every home that I create is something beautiful that is part of someone's life, not just today but for years to come."

"My goal is for homeowners to enjoy the process of creating their home and see it as a fun and rewarding experience, rather than a journey filled with challenges and stress," says John Schwingle - Building A Quality Custom Home - What You Need To Know. "I believe this book can save people headaches and heartaches."

"While I may be in the construction business, I'm also in the business of building a strong relationship with my clients," adds John Schwingle, "Schwingle Builders is committed to respecting people on a global level and concerned about how our business impacts the environment."

John Schwingle co-authored Building A Quality Custom Home along side custom builder Dave Konkol, President of Dave Konkol Homes. Both master custom-home builders share their secrets in each easy to read chapter, organized for easy reference that walks homeowners through the entire building process.